CheMystery (Ebook)


Two cousins + one radiation accident = the ability to see and manipulate atoms like never before. Suzie and Diego become two unlikely superheroes, determined to save the world from a monster created by the same thing that gave them powers.

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“A strong cliffhanger will have readers who make it through, especially those with chemistry interests, coming back for more” – Kirkus

“CheMystery is chock full of adventure, solid science, and fun facts.” – Andy Warner (cartoonist and New York Times Best Selling author of Brief Histories of Everyday Objects)

“Anyone that knows me is aware of my obsession with science. Chemistry and Organic Chemistry were some of the more interesting classes I took in college. What makes up the things we use every day? How do they work? CheMystery is a fantastic look at some basic chemistry principles, but told from the perspective of two kids learning about them. Their adventures will teach you a lot about some core science, but more importantly it’s an entertaining read and it’s fun! That’s the best way to learn.”- Matt Hawkins (Writer, Physicist, President and COO of TopCow)

“While reading this graphic novel, CheMystery, who does not grow a love for chemistry?! The author and illustrator skillfully and artfully integrate an interesting story line, humor, vivid graphics, appropriate amount of print on each page, and scientific knowledge about chemistry written in a comprehensible way. This graphic novel illustrates that chemistry is part of our life, and we’ve gotten to learn about it. Students, including those struggling with reading comprehension, will be motivated to learn about chemistry in this graphic novel.  All thumbs up for this chemistry book 2.0.” – Shelley Hong Xu (Professor in the department of teacher education at California State University, Long Beach)


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