Magical Christmas Picture Books

Merry Christmas from ThunderStone Books! As the holiday approaches, some of the members of the ThunderStone Books team talk about their favorite Christmas picture books. Curl up with one of these under the light of the Christmas tree, hot cocoa in hand, for a wonderful addition to your Christmas season.

Debbie’s Pick

Father Christmas by Raymond Briggs



“Personally, I thoroughly enjoy Raymond Briggs’ portrayal of Father Christmas as it is far from ‘the norm’ that we are used to. There is no magic workshop, no elves and certainly no jolly laughter. Father Christmas is shown to be from more humble beginnings. He lives alone in a small house with his cat and dog while his 2 deer live in stables outside. He dreams of being on the beach sunbathing and can’t wait for the stress of Christmas to be over. His reaction to the difficulties of being Father Christmas (flying in bad weather, getting gifts to those who live in unusual places like a lighthouse, being covered in soot) generate a sympathetic reaction from the reader. It makes Father Christmas much more relatable in comparison to the magical and lively interpretation we are so used to.”


Chris’s Pick

Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer


“This has always been my favorite because I was able to connect with several of the characters because they were outsiders and I have always felt different from everyone else. Rudolph with his nose, Hermey the elf who wants to be a dentist, and the highlight for me was the island of misfit toys; a cowboy that rides an ostrich sounds pretty awesome to me.”


Robert’s Pick

The Best Christmas Book Ever by Richard Scarry


The Best Christmas Book Ever is one of the Christmas picture books that I read most as a kid. It is a collection of short Christmas stories all revolving around the city of Busytown. The thing I like most about this book is that the book is about a community during the Christmas season and to me, Christmastime is all about community. The Christmas season brings people together and inspires a connectedness with each other that is not as strong at other times of the year.”


Rachel’s Pick

The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza by David Shannon


“In my opinion, David Shannon is a master of storytelling and illustration. When I was young, each night during December, my mom would gather me and my sisters and we would read Christmas stories by the light of the Christmas tree. One of our favorites was The Amazing Christmas Extravaganza, the story of a man who took his desire to put more Christmas lights on his house to the extreme and who lost the meaning of Christmas because of that. It’s a touching story with a sweet ending and every time I see extravagant displays of Christmas lights, I think of that book.”


Merry Christmas! Which Christmas picture books are your favorites?


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