The Gift Guide for Science Lovers

It’s that time of year when you are trying to decide the perfect gift for loved ones. If one of those loved ones is a science enthusiast, then we have some ideas that will not break your budget but will be perfectly science-y.


  1. usb_microscopeUSB Microscopes.

Microscopes are a lot of fun, but are not usually very portable. However, USB microscopes are lightweight and small. You simply plug the microscope into your laptop and start looking at the world up close and personal! If you are planning on giving this as a Christmas gift, make sure to order early so that your USB microscope arrives in time. Free shipping when you order microscopes from ThunderStone Books!


  1. Gallium.

Gallium is an element that has a melting point of 85.58 degrees Fahrenheit. That means that gallium will start to melt if you hold it in your hand for a little while. If you want to really have some fun, buy your friend some gallium and a spoon mold; then your science-lover can put the gallium in the spoon mold and then use the gallium spoon to stir hot liquid and watch it melt!


  1. cover_2eoeoutlineScience Books.Elements of Evil notebook cover.indd

One of the best things about Christmas vacation is that there is finally some down time for reading and so a science book could be the Christmas gift that keeps your science-lover occupied all Christmas vacation. If you are looking for science books for adults, here are some of our favorites:

  • The Disappearing Spoon by Sam Kean
  • What If? by Randall Munro
  • Hyperspace by Michio Kaku
  • Six Easy Pieces by Richard Feynman

If you are looking for science books for kids, it is good to choose something with experiments that can be performed at home (and make for exciting Christmas vacation activities). Check out Elements of Evil and the corresponding Your Elements of Evil Notebook because it is full of codes, wacky experiments, and supervillainy. What young science enthusiast can resist that?


  1. Makey Makey

This little device turns ordinary objects into touchpads and combines them with the internet. Last year for Christmas, ThunderStone Books co-founder Robert Noorda used his Makey Makey to play the song “Jingle Bells” with people. He gave several wires to family members to hold (the wires were connected to the Makey Makey) and then by tapping the heads of family members, Rob could play the song. It was a blast! You can visit for more information.


  1. Invisible Ink

There are two things that would be easy to do with invisible ink as a gift. For one, you could make an invisible ink kit for your science-lover. The great thing about such a kit is that you only need regular household items like lemon juice, Q-tips, grape juice, baking soda, and containers (depending on what kinds of invisible ink you are making). Another idea is to make your own invisible ink and use it to write a series of letters as a gift. Make sure to give your science-lover instructions about how to read the messages!

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